When was the last time you were hungry? Really, really hungry? Not only hungry, but you had no idea when your next meal would come? Seventy-two 15211 area needy families have the blessing of knowing that a nourishing meal is on the near horizon. They desperately need our neighborhood Food Bank, and the Food Bank comes through for them.

10This Food Bank has been committed to nourishing bodies and souls for over thirty-five years. The all-volunteer organization is part of the Washington Heights Ecumenical Food Bank. Located at a rear entrance of the Well Church building at 213 Bailey Avenue, this active and vibrant Food Bank serves the 15211 area. In addition to monthly distribution, they take care of emergency needs through requests and church referrals. Needy neighbors over 60 are eligible for monthly senior food boxes, and special attention is given to the needs of children. Distribution day is a smiling, happy affair.

The Food Bank functions on a steady diet of food donations from local businesses and the community, but they always require cash donations. Donated cash goes much further when purchasing required food (to supplement donations) from the Pittsburgh Food Bank. This is a constant need with an extra push for holidays. Food drives and fundraising is vital for the Food Bank’s ongoing service.

3So what does a person get from the Food Bank? Check this out! Fresh and canned fruit and veggies, eggs, milk, bread, pasta, sauces, cakes, and pies. They also occasionally supply non-food items like toilet paper and soaps, feminine products, and diapers.

5Linda Reber, manager of our neighborhood Food Bank explained that she and her staff also help people gain more assistance through other organizations and community services like Produce for People, and Living Store, as well as applications for food stamps and other valuable services. Everything I witnessed at this Food Bank shouted of compassion and a committed view toward the needs of these families.

15The Food Bank needs your help! Donations of the listed items are always welcome, but cash donations, especially with the coming Holiday Season, is most helpful. Volunteers are always needed.

The next Food Bank Distribution is Tuesday, September 27th. For more information, to make a donation, help with a fundraiser, or volunteer, please contact Linda Reber at or call 412-977-7114.

Here’s to the beautiful volunteers, hard workers, and happy recipients at our Mount Washington neighborhood Food Bank!






  1. Wayne Clifton

    Just for the record, the “building” is actually The Presbyterian Church of Mt Washington. Several congregations use the facility, the Well Church being one of them. The building also is home for an AA meeting, multiple NA meetings, and provides free dinners on the first Sunday of every month.


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