About Neighbors on the Mount


NoTM LOGO newNeighbors on the Mount is a volunteer action group conceived in the fall of 2014 to help improve quality of life, public safety, and community connections in the Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights areas of Pittsburgh. Core teams were developed and the first public meeting was held in October 2015. Mount Washington is a true community of people who know, care for, challenge, engage, and take pride in the unique beauty and potential of a most distinctive neighborhood.

Neighbors on the Mount community open meetings are held quarterly and all are welcome. Check the website calendar for dates, locations, and times.

PUBLIC SAFETY – The Public Safety Core Team Committee of Neighbors on the Mount attends monthly open meetings at Zone 3 Station to report any key criminal activity and receive important updates. Their goal is to be the voice of the neighborhood with the local police force. This committee is currently working on the purchase of video cameras to be placed at strategic locations throughout Mount Washington, and working with local businesses to ensure a safe business district. They assure that a police spokesperson is in attendance for all Neighbors of the Mount quarterly public meetings to pass on information and answer questions. This committee takes on the responsibility of educating all neighbors on the importance of public safety, including when and who to call for help. They have helped organize select Block Watch in areas where there is persistent trouble. The Public Safety Core Team works with Pittsburgh City Councilwoman, Theresa Kail-Smith, to ensure two-way open communication between our neighborhood and the city.

Public Safety Core Team:

Tom Brady – angelandschultz@hotmail.com

Jill Harris – bulldog5496@gmail.com

QUALITY OF LIFE – The Quality of Life Core Team Committee of Neighbors on the Mount looks toward nourishing the enjoyable side of living on Mount Washington. The old and the new, the young and the not-so-young are all part of this unique neighborhood, and creating ways to bring us all together is this committee’s goal. They focus on the community spirit and actively solicit help from interested neighbors to organize events designed to bring people together. Ideas include pub parties, block parties, neighborhood picnics, and holiday decorating contests. This committee is always open to suggestions for anything from neighborhood beautification events to enjoyable community get-togethers. A connected community is a happy community, and the Quality of Life Committee is committed to hearing all ideas and implementing as many as possible. Please attend the quarterly open Neighbors on the Mount meetings and bring your ideas. It takes a little time to create the best possible event, so now’s the time to put on your thinking cap!

Quality of Life Core Team:

Lorraine Mollura –  mollura152@yahoo.com

Thom Jones – thomjones123@gmail.com

Marian Streiff – streiffm@carnegielibrary.org

COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS – The Community Connections Core Team Committee of Neighbors on the Mount has the primary goal of ensuring that everyone on the Mount is aware of key events. The publicity arm of this committee is tasked with making the neighborhood aware of all events and information from both the Public Safety and the Quality of Life committees. The Community Connections Committee is responsible for all image materials, and media contact for Neighbors on the Mount. This committee maintains and updates the Neighbors on the Mount blog, website, and the calendar on that website. They promote all events and important neighborhood news, maintain an active and responsive media list, and send press releases when needed. The goal is to never hear a neighbor say, “I never knew about that!”

Community Connections Core Team:

Paul Whiteside – pwhite1832@gmail.com

Father Michael Stumpf – mjstumpfsmm@gmail.com

Publicity, Deborah Riley-Magnus – deborahriley.magnus@gmail.com

Website Manager, Natalie Preston – natp814@gmail.com