cabin-fever-1The basic definition for Cabin Fever is—irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter. Of course, that could be a description of me at any time of the year. We writers spend a LOT of time indoors; butt planted in front of the keyboard. When you see me at a meeting or at the grocery store, it could have been more than a week since I’d last been outside! I’m very familiar with Cabin Fever, no matter how harsh or mild the winter may be.

Fighting cabin fever takes on many different looks. Those young and restless among us jog in the snow or skid on icy roads to the gym just to keep the endorphins hopping. Others find comfort in hobbies, in fact, there’s actually an annual Cabin Fever Expo held in January in Lebanon, PA where you can see exhibits of everything from steamboats and trains, to railroads and cars. There are kits galore if you have an engineering gene in your body. There are books and boilers to look at, and if you really feel ambitious, I bet you can even build a cabin to hold your cabin fever at bay! Mark your calendar for next year.

sock-puppetsCabin Fever has been used as a powerful topic for horror novels and films, and a great excuse for department stores to sell fashion resort clothing and swimsuits in the winter. Advice for Cabin Fever cures includes inventing silly games for kids and adults with family photos, setting a new world record for Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and making sock puppets for conversations after all, why talk to each other when it’s more fun to be irritable through well-knitted wool? Many suggest that you bake something you never baked before, redecorate your family room, or organize your closets. Ugh. No thanks!

You can volunteer to help an elderly person in your neighborhood, or you can finally write that novel or play you always wanted to write. One idea I saw was very interesting, considering the political climate. It called for Cabin Fever sufferers to write their congressperson, sign petitions, and fight for human rights. Of course, in my humble opinion, those kinds of things should be done all year round. A really fun idea caught my attention. It simply suggested bundling up and taking a trip to the closest home and garden store to buy seeds for your spring garden. Nice!

breath-taking-pgh-1However, I have a better suggestion than all of these. It’s something most people never get to see, something others have to drive to get to while most of us can just take a walk … and there it is. Our magnificent view from Grandview Avenue! Any time of year, but especially during the doldrums of winter, this view will take your breath away and make you smile.

pub-night-2017-2Oh, and don’t forget! This Thursday, February 16, join us for the SECOND ANNUAL NoTM HAPPY HOUR PUB NIGHT at Redbeard’s Bar and Grill on Shiloh, 6 – 8 PM. Get out of the house, forget the cold weather, and enjoy a few hours with your neighbors. Fun, great friends, door prizes, snacks, and discount drinks. Neighbors on the Mount, unite against Cabin Fever!