public-safety-5Imagine there’s a crime committed very near your house…something worrisome, scary, even terrifying. It’s the reason many have a home security camera system, to help make their home and immediate area safer.

Now imagine being a hero. Imagine helping the police capture and convict criminals running or driving right past your home security camera. Can you just imagine how great that would be?


There are many home security camera systems mounted on houses all over Mount Washington. If the police could have access to the recording made on those cameras, it could quickly lead to arrests and greatly reduce crime in your immediate area. Just picture how that could make all of Mount Washington safer. This approach has shown great success in Pittsburgh’s South Side, and we’d love to see it working here.

Join the Mount Washington Virtual Block Watch!

If you have a home security system camera(s) on your home, you are urged to please register it with the Police.  This helps in several ways.

  • Officers and detectives will know where these cameras are to help with their investigation
  • They will know who to contact to access recordings
  • They can solve crimes much quicker with the addition of just a few more camera angles exposing important information
  • Your home security camera can serve as an additional valuable tool to fight crime in your neighborhood


This is just phase one of a much larger Mount Washington Public Safety action led by Pittsburgh City Councilwoman Theresa Kail Smith, the Neighbors on the Mount Public Safety Committee, and the Pittsburgh Police.

If you have a home security camera system on your house and would like to participate, please email the following information to 15211virtualblockwatch@gmail.com

  • Your street address
  • The number of security cameras you have
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone number

Your information will be forwarded to the Zone 3 Police Department.


Note: No one will see requested recordings from your home security camera but the police.